Andrea Belovich, PhD
Implementation of connected-case study learning strategy during preclinical UME

Todd Burt, MD
Student Doctor Attitudes regarding Medical Imaging (Radiology) and the Preclinical Medical School Curriculum

Sarah Davis, DO
Effects of peer mentorship in UME of new medical schools

Geri Deevska, PhD
Obesity, diabetes, and cardiometabolic syndrom

Brian K. Martin, PhD
Neuroinflammation, gene regulation, cell motility in the central nervous system (CNS), CNS histology

Mike Mitov, PhD
Cellular bioenergetics, free radicals and oxidative stress, muscle biology, cancer, diabetes

Thomas Mohr, MS, DO, FACOI, FAOGME

Richard Sloan, DO
Variability between graders on OPP practical examinations

Mark Slivkoff, PhD
Medical education

Ben Wilson, MD
Philosophical assumptions of medical school faculty

Jessica Ziebarth, DO
Rural and underserved medicine