The Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar supports ICOM students by providing registration, scheduling courses, access to student portals, maintaining accurate academic records, coordinating COMLEX exams and generating documents to verify enrollment.  This office also houses the ICOM School Certifying Officer for students utilizing VA Benefits.  It is this ICOM office that will post official grades and provide official transcripts and change student academic statuses as needed.  It is the central location for keeping all student academic records confidential.  

Changes to a student’s educational record can be done either through the Registrar’s Office or the student portal.

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Students are promoted from one year to the next through a meet of the Professionalism and Academic Review Committee (PARC).  OMS-I (first-year students) will progress to OMS-II and so on by a review of each student meeting the academic criteria to be moved to the next level.  The Registrar is a part of that committee.  At the end of a student’s four years, we will meet to determine our graduates and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degrees will be posted.  Commencement will be coordinated through the Registrar and the Student Services Offices.  

Any questions you have regarding your academic records or who to go to to change personal information in the Student Information System, please visit Denyce Drinkall on the First Floor in the Student Services office or call 208 795-4285.