Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine's policy guide. This webpage provides easy access to current policies, including those relating to Institutional Affairs, Fiscal and Business Affairs, and Faculty Affairs.

If you have questions or need assistance with policies, please contact our Director of Human Resources, Shannon Blackstock.

Board Policies

ICOM Board of Trustees Bylaws

Business Policies

Gifts and Gratuities
Gifts and Meals Received from the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries

ICOM Professional Development and Continuing Education Policy

Industry-Funded Speaking Relationships Policy

Industry-Supported Fellowships and Scholarships Policy

Intellectual Property Transfer Policy

Preceptor and Adjunct Payment Policy

Travel Policy

Communications and Marketing Policies

Graphics Standards

Social Media Policy

Facilities and Security Policies

Animals on Campus

Computer Policy

Core Business Hours

Inclement Weather Policy

Keys Policy

Smoking and Tobacco Use

Standards for Operating a Motor Vehicle while on University Business Policy

Workplace Violence

Faculty Administration Policies

Academic Advising

Academic Assignments and Responsibilities

Academic Credentialing

Auditing Credentials of Faculty

Consulting Time

Development and Planning for Clinical Affiliations

Faculty Appointments

Faculty Promotion

Faculty Reappointments

ICOM Syllabus Template Policy

General Administration Policies

Access to ICOM Policies and Procedures

Accreditation Standard Complaint Process

Code of Conduct

Conflict of Interest on Externally Funded Programs

Health Information Privacy Practices

Policy on Policies

Sensitive Information Protection Policy

Student Faculty Relationships

TITLE IX Anti-Harassment Policy

Human Resource (Employee Handbook) Policies

Americans with Disabilities Act


Confidentiality of Employment, Student, and Medical Records

Conflict of Interest for Board Members, Employees and Institutionally-Employed Faculty

Consensual Relationships

Continuing Education

Drug and Alcohol Use and Screening

Due Process for all Employees, Students, Faculty and Credentialed Instructional Staff

Employee Benefits

Employee Records

Employee Work-at-Home Policy

Ethics, Incorporating the AOA Code of Ethics

Faculty Hiring

Faculty Recruitment

Fiscal Management and Accountability



Grievance Policy

Grievance Procedure


Injury Reporting and Workers Compensation

Jury Duty

Non-Discrimination Policy

Professional Attire Dress Code

Progressive Discipline


Temporary Employment

Tenure and Sabbatical Policy

Wellness and Engagement

Library Policies

Interlibrary Loan

Library Circulation (Check Out)

Library Collection


Work Area Allocations

Research Policies

Approval of Letter of Support for Research

Internal Approval to Proceed Toward Research Project Initiation

Strategic Plan for Research

Student Administration Policies

Credit Hour Assignment Policy

Exam Review Procedure


Graduation and Degree Conferral Policy


Standards of Behavior for Exams

Student Health Issues