Student Spotlight: Daniel Shin, OMS-II

Daniel Shin, OMS-II

Daniel Shin, OMS-II

Second-year ICOM student, Daniel Shin, co-authored a research abstract titled, “In-vitro cellular bioenergetic effects of Melatonin and Hydrocortisone,” to the 2019 Regional Redox Symposium. Student-Doctor Shin worked alongside Dr. Mihail Mitov, Assistant Professor of Physiology at ICOM.

Q: What does this research entail?

A: Mitochondrial damage has been implicated in various conditions ranging from aging to cancer, and we’re trying to determine the effects of Melatonin and other hormones on mitigating or exacerbating oxidative damage on Mitochondria.

Q: When did you become interested in research?

A: I was a part of a research group as part of my bachelor’s and master’s programs at Boise State University. I have two papers and a book chapter published, and I’d like to get more research done here at ICOM.

Q: What sort of research do you hope to pursue at ICOM?

A: My prior experience was very focused, so I’m looking forward to broadening the field and getting more exposure with topics that are more medically-relevant, rather than purely exploratory.