ICOM celebrates end of inaugural academic year


The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM), Idaho’s first medical school, celebrated the completion if its first academic year Friday, May 31. 

Marking the end of the first year of their osteopathic medical education, ICOM Student Doctors, alongside faculty, staff, and their families, enjoyed a luau-themed event in the ICOM Courtyard with food, games and music. 

ICOM’s Class of 2022 also voted to present the following team members with awards:

  • Service to Students (staff) - Shari Widaman, Day Porter

  • Service to Students (faculty) - Molly Montgomery, Library Director, and Gregg Whitmore, Librarian

  • Best Quizzes & Reviews for Neurology - Student Doctor William Ketterer 

  • Best Quizzes & Reviews for Radiology - Student Doctor Sarah Placek

  • Department Gratitude - IT Department and Security Department

  • Faculty of the Year - Dr. Mark Slivkoff

  • Staff of the Year - Russell Colbert

  • Favorite Subject - Cardiology with Drs. Gary Brandecker & Launa Lynch

  • Best Tag Team - Drs. Thomas Rosenzweig & Brian Martin

  • Best Comic Strips - Dr. Brad Chadwell