Select candidates will be invited to campus for an interview with representatives of the College of Osteopathic Medicine. An interview is required for admission consideration, and should be viewed as a way for each party to learn more about the other – ICOM interviewing the applicant, while the applicant is also determining if ICOM is the best fit program.

The Interview

Each candidate will have three one-on-one interviews. Each interview will be 25-30 minutes each. The three interviewers will typically be a basic science faculty member, a clinician and administration.  The interviewer will have reviewed the completed application, therefore candidates should be prepared for interviewers to evaluate and ask questions about your interests, your motivation towards a career in osteopathic medicine, as well as academic strengths, experiences in services and leadership, research, hobbies etc.


The Admissions Committee will review each applicant who interviews with ICOM.  An admissions decision, based on academic performance, professional experience, and interview, will be provided to the applicant in a timely manner, usually within 2 weeks of the interview date. The admission committee may make any of the following recommendation: accept, deny or waitlist.
All accepted candidates are required to remit a $1,600 non-refundable deposit by the date(s) listed on their acceptance letter. This deposit is applied to your tuition. Listed below are some examples of deadlines:

Those accepted prior to Oct. 15, 2019 will have until Nov. 15, 2019 to pay their first deposit of $100 then until Dec 15, 2019 to pay the remaining deposit of $1,500
Those accepted between Oct. 15, 2019 to Jan. 14, 2020 will have 30 days
Those accepted between Jan. 15, 2020 to May 14, 2020 will have 14 days
Those accepted after May 14, 2020 may be asked for an immediate deposit

Traveling to ICOM

For those flying to Boise, Boise international airport is located 10 minutes from campus.
Many hotels offer free airport shuttles, and some even offer a free or discounted shuttle to ICOM. Please be sure to inquire about transportation options directly with the hotel. For students driving to ICOM, parking on campus is free.

Staying in Boise/Meridian

While ICOM does not provide hotel rooms for candidates, several area hotels do offer discounted rates for ICOM guests. Please inquire about the possibility of a ICOM discount (and shuttle) when making hotel reservations. ICOM has already negotiated rates for the following hotel(s):


For information on financial aid, click here.