Meridian Press - ICOM unveils new research lab

MERIDIAN — The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine, or ICOM, unveiled its new research lab on Friday. The medical school in Meridian, Idaho’s first, opened last summer.

The new lab, nearly 1,900 square feet, is designed for work related to human diseases that pose a moderate health hazard, such as HIV.

“To be able to do research, to make scientific discoveries, a lot of that’s going to happen in a lab,” Todd Coffey, chair and associate professor of the Department of Research and Biostatistics, said in statement. “So part of our vision is to give faculty and students that opportunity.”

ICOM has more than 30 clinical and biomedical faculty and over 160 first-year students this year.

“We look forward to possible multi-institution grant applications,” Coffey said in the release. “We may find we have common research interests, or complementary research or expertise, and we are definitely open to collaboration.”