KBOI - Idaho's first medical school invests in developing and expanding residency programs

"Right now Idaho currently ranks 49th in terms of physicians per capita but also residency positions per capita," says Dr. Robert Hasty. "And by being Idaho's first medical school we are going to make a big difference."

Dr. Robert Hasty is the founding dean of the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine or ICOM for short.

He says they're working with partners throughout the state and region, to help fund the development of more residency programs.

"There were very few residency programs here in the state of Idaho and with our partnership with Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and Idaho State University, we are going to grow this pretty significantly in the state of Idaho."

And that's just the start.

"We are investing over 5 million dollars in the first 10 years of operation to help develop new residency programs for the state and region," Hasty says.

Hasty says all of these funds come directly from ICOM,

And although the money will not secure residency spots for ICOM's graduating class, it will help give graduates more options when it comes to selecting their graduate medical education.

"As far as I can tell the osteopathic degree the D.O. medical school degree for osteopathic physicians is the most valuable degree in the United States in terms of job placement which is residency after they graduate," says Dr. Hasty.

Other residency programs ICOM plans to invest in include: emergency medicine, family medicine, surgery, and psychiatry.

Overall, opening the door for more Idaho based physicians.