KPVI - First Eastern Idaho student for ICOM

Out of the 17 students from here in idaho, one of them is from right here in Eastern Idaho.

We spoke with Alexander Olaveson, who is currently a student and tutor at Brigham Young University Idaho in Rexburg.

We talked about what it means to be part of the inaugural class at ICOM, and what it takes to be one of the candidates.

Alexander Olaveson has formed deep roots here in Idaho, but his dream is to become a primary care physician, and until just recently that means he would have to train in another state.

But thanks to the new Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine, he can stay get the necessary experience and form connections right here in Idaho.

Alex Olaveson, said "It's vital... I'm from Idaho... My wife’s from Idaho. I love everything about this state, and so to have an opportunity to stay here... It's everything I’ve wanted"

Just because there is a Medical School in Idaho... Doesn't mean it's easy to get into... All the applicants had to work hard... Including alexander who works here at the tutoring center... At BYU Idaho"

Trulee Ann Stocking, the tutoring center manager, said "Alex is a high caliber candidate... He is a very good student... He is a very good tutor... He is very conscientious about his work and about his work and about his future... He is an excellent candidate and he will be a fine candidate someday...”

Alexander is one of the first 18 students to be accepted into the program, with 17 of them from Idaho.

But with 150 spots still to be filled before the first semester,  some of Idaho's best and brightest will be heading to meridian this upcoming summer.

But the next round of candidates should keep working hard.

"It's a long process... You need to get good grades all through your graduate so that’s all of hours of studying you have to follow physicians and get experience...I have to volunteer to increase my resume... As well as participate in different extra-curricular activities..."

The first semester at the new medical school starts in august 2018.