Tuesday 14th March - ICOM's Clinical Focus Group meets


Curriculum Focus Group

Seated: Michelle, DeVoe, DO, Ryan Smith, DO, Betsy Olberding, MD.
Standing from left: Justin Rose, DO, Tony Bendall, Deb Roman, DO, Chris Peine, DO, Rodney Bates, DO, David McClusky, MD, Jacob Neufeld, MD, Jen Gotto, MD, John Gambino, MD, PhD, Rita Getz, PhD, and Perry Baker, PhD.

As a part of its plan to incorporate the wisdom and expertise of practicing physicians into the curricular design, ICOM hosted eleven physicians for a Curriculum Focus Group on March 14, 2017. Working with ICOM’s leadership team, the focus group participants identified and discussed common symptom presentations for each of the body’s systems. These symptom presentations will be used to prepare patient cases that focus on using the symptom as a starting point to diagnose the patient’s disease process and to guide the student to develop the appropriate plan to treat the patient.

This group represented a variety of specialties including: pediatrics, neurology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, family medicine, neuromuscular medicine, surgery, pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry and radiology. Focus group participants came from as far away as Rexburg, Idaho and Ontario, Oregon. Most are practicing physicians in the Treasure Valley and all are committed to the success of ICOM and its students.