KMTV -11 - New medical college coming to Idaho

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) We talk about those careers and industries that are booming and there is definitely a need here in Idaho for more medical professionals.
Idaho and four other states don't have a medical college but that could soon change.

“By 2030 this new research shows that there's going to be up to 104 thousand shortage of physicians,” said Dr. Robert Hasty, Founding Dean.

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine is set to open to students in August of 2018

Right now they're going through the accreditation process but also have an interesting mission to boot.

“Idahoans will not be paying for ICOM,” said Dr. Hasty.
Private donors will fund the facility.

Some Twin Falls medical practices want to partner up with the college.
“Numbers of physicians and professionals within the Twin Falls area that want to take our students that want to be part of the solution moving forward,” said Dr. Hasty.

The college will be located in Meridian adjacent from ISU Health Science building but the Founding Dean Dr. Hasty thinks it could be a game changer for small town medicine.
It changes in terms of the practice of the physicians, especially in a state that's very rural like Idaho.

Students can also have something to look forward to.

“We’ve made a very strong commitment that we will always have our tuition less than the national average for private medical schools, both MD and DO medical schools nationally,” said Dr. Hasty.

Even though the process can be challenging..

“The difference that we're going to make and the purpose that is behind this is going to make such a profound difference that these challenges will be well worth it,” said Dr. Hasty.