Head Of New Idaho Medical School Says He Can Create Residencies

Since we learned recently that a for-profit medical school will be built in Meridian, we’ve also heard criticism that it won't help solve Idaho’s doctor shortage. Much of that criticism is about the lack of residency positions in Idaho. Critics argue doctors don’t practice where they go to medical school, but where they do their residency. Idaho only has 41 spots for residents and competition is already stiff.

The dean of the proposed Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine, Robert Hasty, says his organization will create a significant number of new residency programs. Hasty acknowledges that will be difficult, but he stands on his record. He was an associate dean at Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine in North Carolina, which started in 2013.

“Over the past few years at North Carolina the start of that new osteopathic medical school, we created 383 new residency positions at seven different organizations,” Hasty says. “It’s really made a huge difference there.”

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