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What is the tuition and fees for ICOM?

Anticipated Tuition for the 2018-2019 Academic Year will be $49,750 with annual student activities fee being $2,500.

Will there be scholarships for Idahoans?

ICOM is in the process of developing relationships with donors for scholarships. At this time, ICOM is awaiting additional funding from the state and other sources to continue to develop scholarship opportunities for students. ICOM will be offering several scholarships to Idaho residents who meet stated scholarship criteria of having a 3.5 GPA and being in the 50th percentile MCAT (or a score of 500) in the 2018-19 academic year.

Am I able to receive federal loans?

At this time, ICOM is not eligible to participate in federally sponsored student loan pro grams for the first two years of instruction. ICOM will apply for and comply with Title IV regulations to achieve eligibility at the earliest possible time. In the interim, ICOM is working with independent financial lending partners. The student loan information portal allows the applicant to learn about and compare private loan terms from multiple lenders side-by-side. The applicant will not be restricted to selecting a lender listed in the portal and has the ability to seek their own private lender as well.

What will be the total cost of attendance for ICOM?

For financial aid purposes, the Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of the total cost to attend ICOM and includes both direct (required) and indirect costs. Direct costs are those billed by ICOM; including tuition and fees. Indirect costs include things that are not charged by ICOM to the student such as additional supplies, transportation to/from ICOM, personal expenses, and room and board. Students are reminded that the aid awarded and disbursed by ICOM is to be used for the cost of their education and educational related costs incurred while a student is attending ICOM.
ICOM Tuition - $49,750
ICOM Fees - $2,500
Room and Board - $15,535
Transportation - $2,153
Books and Supplies - $1,000
Personal Expenses - $2,212
Insurance - $2,500
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance - $75,650

NB. Cost of Attendance is subject to change