Todd Coffey PhD.


Todd Coffey joined ICOM in September 2017 as Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Research and Biostatistics.

Todd received PhD and MS degrees in Biostatistics from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and University of Michigan, respectively, and graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University with a BS degree in Statistics.   Before joining ICOM, Todd worked in the medical biotechnology industry for over a decade, where he assisted scientists and engineers in discovering and developing new medicines.  He made meaningful contributions to medicines approved by the FDA for treating diabetes and Hodgkin's lymphoma.  He then transitioned to a second career in academia where he played a key role in establishing a university-wide statistical consulting center and taught biostatistics at Washington State University.  

Todd is a passionate advocate for statistical thinking and believes he can make biostatistics understandable to anyone.  He is excited to be part of the team building the foundation of ICOM's future success.  He is married and is busy raising five wonderful children.


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