Ellie Matthews


Ellie is the Admission Recruiter at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. Before the opportunity to join the ICOM team, Ellie has experiences creating public relation and social media campaigns with local businesses around the Treasure Valley. Graduating from Boise State with a degree in Communication and a certification in Public Relations, Ellie joined the team of Internal Heath Technologies (IHT) at a local hospital. During her employment she helped with a statewide EPIC implementation for nine months. Through this experience Ellie gained a passion for developing knowledge in the medical field. 

Beyond her educational and occupational background, Ellie was born and raised in Boise Idaho and hasn’t left. She loves hiking, taking her paddle boards out, skiing any chance she gets, and relaxing up in the mountains in her hammock and a good book. 

Ellie is thrilled to be a part of ICOM and it’s impact it will have on the region.