Chris Wilson


In the role of Director of Facilities, Mr. Wilson joins the ICOM team with over 30 years of construction and facilities management experience.

For the past 8 years Mr. Wilson has been the Facilities and Project Manager at Idaho State University-Meridian Health Science Center. His extensive background includes many complex medical projects throughout Southern California with the majority of his career focused on building and managing hospitals, medical office buildings and surgical centers. 

Before being relocated to Idaho by Micron Technology, Mr. Wilson spent 10 years at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He successfully served as project and facilities manager of the Saban Research institute during construction of the 5 story forty-million-dollar animal research facility. Prior to working at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Mr. Wilson was traveling the United States performing medical gas inspections. As a medical gas inspector, Mr. Wilson was responsible for insuring the medical gas system were operating properly and were compliant with NFPA 99 standards.