Academic Coaching/ Learning Specialist

Medical school poses some unique learning challenges. Many students feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material, and some realize their usual study habits won’t be enough to meet those challenges. ICOM Students have access to free academic coaching through the Learning Specialists. Academic coaching can help improve study skills, time management, organization, and/or test taking skills. Students are encouraged to proactively get help; however, the Learning Specialists can help at any point in the school year.

Some examples of ways the Learning Specialist can help are:

  • Creating a study plan for an exam

  • Offer test-taking strategies and ways to deal with test anxiety

  • Discuss best practices for group work

  • Model better reading and memory retention strategies

  • Discuss learning and study strategies, critical thinking, and problem solving

  • Prioritizing tasks and reducing stress

  • Be an outside perspective, offering insight into how you can be a better student

To contact the Learning Specialist, please email

Appointments are held on the first floor, inside Student Services. The Learning Specialists can also meet you or a group in any study space in the building. You can schedule an appointment here: