Safety & Security

The Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) is committed to providing an atmosphere and environment of safety, security and comfort for faculty, staff, students and guests. The following policies and procedures outline each individual's role in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.

Access and Safety

The ICOM building is available for student access from 07:00 to 23:30 during the academic year. The use of the ICOM ID badge is required for access outside of normal working times (08:00 - 17:30) and for all entrances apart from the managed front entrance during these posted times.

Safety and Security Reporting

All faculty, staff, students and guests should report any incidents of crimes against persons or property to the security department immediately. Front desk security is present from 07:00 to 23:30 hours seven days a week.

If you need assistance please call the security number posted throughout the building or report to the front desk. The security and safety officer provided will also contact the local police if needed.

A crime log is kept in the security department and reported monthly on the ICOM security web page. Each year crime information is published in accordance with the Clery Act and is also made available online.

Note: Clery Act reporting is not yet required for ICOM as the building is yet to be occupied. As ICOM resides within the boundaries of the Idaho State University, Health Sciences campus in Meridian, Idaho, this link takes you to the ISU Clery Act information and reports.

Fire Safety

Faculty, Staff, and Students receive maps showing features of the building, which include exits and stairway locations. In the event the fire alarm sounds, students will proceed immediately to the nearest exit or stairwell leading to an exit to exit the building at a walking (not running) pace and use caution to avoid injury to other persons while exiting. All persons should become familiar with the fire plans, routes and assembly places.

Fire Log

A copy of the fire safety code is given to all new employees and new students annually. ICOM has instituted scheduled fire drills to assure an understanding of the exit process from the building. The ICOM building has been inspected by the local fire marshall and is periodically reviewed. The above logs are kept at the facilities office.