ICOM Faculty and Staff

Name Title Phone email
Brian Atkinson Director of IT (208)810-7836 batkinson@idahocom.org
Perry Baker, PhD Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (208) 810-7815 wbaker@idahocom.org
Rodney Bates, DO Primary Care Chair (208) 810-7809 rbates@idahocom.org
Andrea Belovich, PhD Assistant Professor of Pharmacology (208) 810-7839 abelovich@idahocom.org
Mattie Bendall Assistant Dean of Student Services (208) 810-7842 mbendall@idahocom.org
Tony Bendall Executive Director for Undergraduate Medical Education (208) 810-7819 tbendall@idahocom.org
Bonita Biegalke, PhD Chair of Microbiology (208) 810-7834 bbiegalke@idahocom.org
Shannon Blackstock Director of HR (208) 810-7821 sblackstock@idahocom.org
Jack Blazyk, PhD Chair of Biochemistry (208) 810-7833 jblazyk@idahocom.org
Gary Brandecker, MD Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine gbrandecker@idahocom.org
Emily Bridges Admissions Coordinator (208) 810-7824 ebridges@idahocom.org
Dina Buratto IT Technical Support Specialist (208) 696-4226 dburatto@idahocom.org
Todd Burt, MD Chair of Radiology (208) 696-4226 tburt@idahocom.org
Dale Cassidy, MBA, CPA Chief Financial Officer and Title IX Coordinator (208) 373-1963 dcassidy@idahocom.org
Brad Chadwell, PhD Associate Professor of Anatomy (208) 810-7840 bchadwell@idahocom.org
Stephanie Child, PhD Assistant Professor of Anatomy schild@idahocom.org
Todd Coffey, PhD Chair and Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Research and Biostatistics (208) 810-7814 tcoffey@idahocom.org
Russell Colbert Audio/Visual Systems Specialist (208) 696-4266 rcolbert@idahocom.org
Rick Coonrod Learning Specialist fcoonrod@idahocom.org
Mark Curry, DO Associate Professor of Women's Health (208) 696-4266 mcurry@idahocom.org
Sarah Davis, DO Assistant Professor of OPP (208) 810-7807 sdavis@idahocom.org
Reba Daws HR Specialist rdaws@idahocom.org
Gergana Deevska, M.Sc, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (208) 810-7831 gdeevska@idahocom.org
Marina Diioia, PhD Assistant Professor for Microbiology and Immunology (208) 810-7837 mdiioia@idahocom.org
Stephanie Dillon Director of Communications and Marketing (208) 573-9782 sdillon@idahocom.org
Katie Douglas Admissions Coordinator (208) 810-7825 kdouglas@idahocom.org
Denyce Drinkall Registrar (208) 810-7804 ddrinkall@idahocom.org
Sharon Eisenbarth Administrative Assistant (208) 810-7816 seisenbarth@idahocom.org
Tracy J. Farnsworth, EdD, MHSA, MBA, FACHE President and Chief Executive Officer (208) 810-7826 tfarnsworth@idahocom.org
John Fullerton, JD Chief Legal Officer jfullerton@idahocom.org
Rita Getz, PhD, FNAOME Senior Associate Dean of Learner Outcomes & Assessments (208) 810-7806 rgetz@idahocom.org
Jennifer Gotto, MD Chair of Psychiatry (208) 810-7810 jgotto@idahocom.org
Justin Horn Director of Educational Evaluation and Implementation (208) 810-7838 jhorn@idahocom.org
Robert Hasty, DO, FACOI, FACP Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer (208) 696-4266 rhasty@idahocom.org
Diana Kim Administrative Assistant - Faculty dkim@idahocom.org
Launa Lynch, PhD Associate Professor of Pharmacology llynch@idahocom.org
Blaine Maley, PhD Chair of Anatomy (208) 810-7835 bmaley@idahocom.org
Brian Martin, PhD Associate Professor of Pathology (208) 696-4266 bmartin@idahocom.org
Janette Martin, MEd Director of Admissions (208) 810-7841 jmartin@idahocom.org
Ellie Matthews Admissions Recruiter (208) 810-7827 ematthews@idahocom.org
David McClusky II, MD Professor of Surgery (208) 810-7812 dmcclusky2@idahocom.org
David McClusky III, MD Chair of Surgery, Medical Director of Simulation (208) 810-7813 dmcclusky3@idahocom.org
Nicole McMillin, MPA Director of Financial Aid (208) 810-7823 nmcmillin@idahocom.org
Mihail Mitov Ph.D Assistant Professor of Physiology (208) 810-7813 mmitov@idahocom.org
Kyler Monaghan Systems Analyst (208) 810-7803 kmonaghan@idahocom.org
Molly Montgomery Director of library Services (208) 373-1909 mmontgomery@idahocom.org
Luke Mortensen, PhD Chair of Pharmacology, Physiology and Pathology, Dir. Faculty Development (208) 810-7830 lmortensen@idahocom.org
Scott Mosebach Director of Finance smosebach@idahocom.org
Casi Myers Director of Clinical Simulation (208) 810-7819 cmyers@idahocom.org
Megan Neubauer Executive Assistant to Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer (208) 373-1934 mneubauer@idahocom.org
Amber Nick Accounting Technician anick@idahocom.org
Jenisa Oberbeck, DO Assistant Professor of OPP joberbeck@idahocom.org
Suzanne Rogers, DO Assistant Professor of Pediatrics srogers@idahocom.org
Lucia Sandoval, MSA Accounting Technician (208) 373-1917 lsandoval@idahocom.org
Mark Slivkoff, PhD Vice Chair and Associate Professor of Physiology mslivkoff@idahocom.org
Melinda Smith Simulation Center Coordinator (208) 810-7819 msmith@idahocom.org
Carlos Soneira, MD, M.Sc Professor of Anatomy (208) 810-7020 csoneira@idahocom.org
Marlin Trainer, DO Assistant Professor for Emergency Medicine (208) 810-7822 mtrainer@idahocom.org
Carlene Wallace Financial Aid Coordinator cwallace@idahocom.org
Elizabeth Watson Director of Student Affairs (208) 810-7808 ewatson@idahocom.org
Rena Wear, CPA Controller / Bursar (208) 373-1917 rwear@idahocom.org
Chris Wilson Director of Facilities (208) 810-7818 cwilson@idahocom.org
Kevin Wilson, DO, FACOI, FACP Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs (208) 810-7805 kwilson@idahocom.org
LaToya Woods, DO Assistant Professor of Family Medicine (208) 810-7832 lwoods@idahocom.org
Jessica Ziebarth, DO Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation jziebarth@idahocom.org