Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM)


About ICOM

The mission of ICOM is to train osteopathic physicians prepared for caring for persons in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and beyond. 

ICOM will be a freestanding, privately funded, separately registered, and independently accredited/operated entity located at the Idaho State University - Meridian Health Science Center. As part of the collaboration and affiliation agreement with ISU, ICOM has agreed to a long-term land lease for its facility at ISU’s Meridian Health Science Center. ICOM cannot currently solicit nor accept applications from students until permission is granted from the accrediting body.


About Osteopathic Medical Schools and Physicians:

In the United States, two types of physicians practice medicine. Most physicians hold the Doctor of Medicine degree (MD), while osteopathic physicians hold the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree (DO). Both DOs and MDs lead the healthcare team and are licensed in all 50 states and are represented in every specialty. Both are recognized for the high quality of their training. It is very competitive to get into both DO and MD medical schools in the US (e.g. high MCATs and GPAs). While both DOs and MDs are very similar, there are some differences. For example, DOs have an additional 250 (or more) hours in hands-on osteopathic principles and practice and are more likely to go into primary care. 



Preaccreditation means the status of public recognition that an accrediting agency grants to an institution or program for a limited period of time that signifies the agency has determined that the institution or program is progressing towards accreditation and is likely to attain accreditation before the expiration of that limited period of time. 


34 CFR § 602.3